Free Recycling Technology (EdTech) That Won't Cost a Dime of Your Budget

Posted by Julie Huang on Friday, August 18, 2017 8:31 AM

20 - Piggy bank looking at a calculator.jpgWith a few months left until the New Year (I know, time flies), many of have probably thought about – or are currently working on – reviewing your annual budget. With that comes the need to scrap ideas that aren’t working and the potential to add new resources to your solid waste program.

Limited time and an often already stretched budget means the key here is to pinpoint solutions that meet the demands of your program quickly and effectively.

So, to save you time and to provide some insight, here’s a new resource you can add to your 2018 budget—recycling education technology (EdTech) solutions – which Recycle Coach offers for FREE.  

Your Free Recycling Technology (EdTech) includes:

Recycle Coach will provide you with a customized web app for your website and a free mobile app for your residents to download, both of which will contain:

1. Collection and event schedules – that can be exported into PDF, iCal, Outlook, etc.

20 - Screenshot of web app and mobile app.png

Test drive a live web app for yourself by clicking here.

2. Reminders for regular collections and/or holiday collection changes.

This way, residents will never miss another collection day again (or call you during the holidays to ask if there’s been a change to their schedule). 

3. Information on collection requirements. 

Residents can correctly prepare for their collection day with all the information they need - set-out time, specific bin, cart, or bag requirements, collection frequency and special instructions.

4. A package of ready-to-use marketing and promotional materials to help you get the word out. 

The package contains a plethora of ready-to-use designs for print and online, including ads designed specifically for social media. Need custom designs? No problem, we’ll do it at no charge! You have free unlimited marketing and promotional support for as long as you have your account. 

Hamilton Ad Example.png

5. Unlimited app support. 

As soon as you sign up with us, you're assigned a dedicated Customer Success Coach who will be doing all of the heavy lifting for both the set-up and maintenance of the app. You'll be able to easily reach them via phone, email, and live chat. 

So, if everything above is free, what’s the catch?

We hope that you and your residents will find the technology so useful that it generates a demand for Recycle Coach’s premium features such as the “What Goes Where?” search tool, Facebook chatbot, Recycle Coach Academy, human and machine language translations, and emergency / non-emergency notifications.

Otherwise keep your free Inform account forever. There is never an obligation to upgrade. 

Curious and want to learn more?  Just click below:

Click to learn more about the FREE account

logo-green.png About Recycle Coach: Recycle Coach specializes in digital solutions for municipal and private waste management services to effectively educate and engage residents. Our technology platforms for web, mobile, and digital assistants focus on education and encouragement to help residents to be better recyclers, with the goal of inspiring positive and lasting change in communities around the world. It is our constant innovation and scalability of services that allow us to meet the needs of over 3000 communities across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more.  

To view all of our free resources for Waste Management Professionals, please click here

To learn more about how Recycle Coach can help  you reach and educate more residents faster, please click here

 For a free eGuide on evaluating and selecting a recycling EdTech solution that's right for your municipality: 

Download the Free eGuide on: Evaluating Recycling EdTech for Your Municipality

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