18 Key Tips to Give Student Vendors for Your School-End Garage Sale

Posted by Danielle Heifa on Monday, February 13, 2017 5:00 AM

Communicating with students selling at your school-end garage sale is an important part of the planning process. When running a curbside event, vendors from individual homes need streamlined information to not only all be on the same page, but to run a successful (and safe) sale. 

Here Are Tips to Help Make Student Vendors Successful at Your School-End Garage Sale:

Garage sale itemsThe city of Roseville, Minnesota, for example, sends out flyers to past-year sellers every year. On the back
of those flyers, they post safety tips that vendors should keep in mind on the day of the sale.

  1. Be prepared with change in your till or money belt.

  2. Mark prices on sale items beforehand to increase sale opportunities.

  3. If shoppers arrive earlier than the start time of the sale, you are not obligated to serve them.

  4. Acknowledge all shoppers.

  5. Ask for help running the sale to increase security. Tell helping volunteers you will provide free food or even a percentage of your sales for the day.

  6. Be observant and wary of distractions.

  7. Do not advertise the sale as a "Moving Sale," which implies the house may be vacant for extended periods.

  8. Do not allow shoppers into your home. If you're renting - make sure your landlord is okay with it. 

  9. Keep pets and children close. If the day of the sale is a busy one, the roads could be filled with distracted drivers.

  10. Do not answer questions about alarm systems, daytime/nighttime occupancy, etc.

  11. Have a phone on your person to report any suspicious activity.

  12. It's preferable to not accept checks from strangers.

  13. Lock doors into your home.

  14. Place expensive items near you (usually by the checkout table).

  15. Watch your cash box and keep only a minimal amount of cash on site.

  16. Place free items far away from the items you are charging for and label this area with a sign that says “FREE” to avoid confusion.

  17. Provide clean bags or cardboard boxes for shoppers to put their purchased goods in.

  18. At the end of the sale, if you still have items left to sell, bring them off at your local charity drop-box or place them in classifieds like Craigslist, Kijiji or Freecycle.
These are just some tips that you should pass onto vendors for your school-end garage sale. What are other tips you can think of to ensure the safety and success of your student garage sellers?

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