7 Killer Resources for Your Recycling Outreach

Posted by Julie Huang on Thursday, June 22, 2017 1:10 PM

An unlimited budget to spend on improving your solid waste and recycling programs would be ideal – however, this isn’t the reality for most.

Don’t let that discourage you though! There are still many amazing, free resources out there that will help you:

  • Educate your residents,
  • Boost communication with your residents,
  • Reduce redundant phone calls about waste and recycling collections, and
  • Stay up to date with the latest news in the solid waste and recycling industry

- without using any of your budget!

Here’s a list of 7 awesome free resources for your recycling outreach:

  1. Add some visuals to your promotion and education materials with these free downloadable material images.
14 - Canadian Plastics.png

Provided by Canadian Plastics Industry Association.

You can download unlimited free images of:

  • Diverse types of plastics (i.e. bakery, produce, lawn & garden, plastic bags/wrap/film, etc.)
  • Foam
  • Items made of recycled plastics
  • Ready-to-go ads

A quick registration is required (no billing information).

Click here to download the images from the website.

  1. Reach your residents in a new way with a free customized, user-friendly web app and mobile app that has all your waste & recycling program’s information.

14 - Recycle Coach.png

Provided by Recycle Coach.

Perks include:  

  • Quick set-up with one of our Customer Success Coaches
  • Web app and mobile app – personalized collection schedules, custom collection reminders (including for holiday changes) and an educational “What Type of Recycler are You?” quiz
  • Export the collection schedule to an everyday calendar such as Outlook or iCal, or download it in PDF
  • Full analytics (number of users, calendar downloads, reminders sent, etc.)
  • Custom ads and promotional materials to help you get the word out
  • Full support via live chat, phone or e-mail
  • No expiry and no obligation to upgrade

Click here to learn more about the free account.

  1. Build, implement, promote and improve your recycling and waste programs with the help of these free comprehensive guides.

Provided by MassDEP.

Examples of resources include:

  • “MassDEP Municipal Waste Reduction Toolkit” – tips and techniques for planning and implementing programs that focus on reducing waste generated and increasing recycling rates
  • Recycling IQ Kit - increase the quantity and improve the quality of recycling in your community.
  • Setting up a Multi-Family or Apartment Building Recycling Program
  • Key Considerations in Contracting for Solid Waste & Recycling Services

Click here to view and download the guides.

  1. Remind residents about recycling do’s and don’ts with these free educational posters that you can print and post anywhere.

Provided by StopWaste.

Examples of posters include:

  • Single stream recycling
  • Composting
  • Mixed beverage container recycling
  • Mixed paper recycling

Plus, there is a free 16-page “Special Events Best Practices Guide” meant to help event organizers reduce waste and increase recycling at special events. Includes case studies and sample contract language.

Click here to view and download the posters.

  1. Organize events successfully, including America Recycles Day, using these free tools.

14 - America Recycles.png

Provided by 

Some of the event organizer toolkits are:

  • “Go to Guides” – that you can use to promote recycling awareness, commitment and action in your community.
  • Electronics Recycling Event Resources
  • Engaging the Media
  • Activities For Colleges and Universities
  • Event Activities For A General Audience
  • America Recycles Day posters

Go to event organizer toolkits here.

  1. Add some video content to your social media or online posts with these educational recycling related videos.

Provided by the Recycling Council of Ontario.

Videos usually generate more resident interaction than text so use that to your advantage. The videos include:

  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Video (or Interactive) Tour
  • Just Eat It Movie by Peg Leg Films in partnership with British Columbia's Knowledge Network. (A Vancouver couple sees how much food is waste and takes on a challenge to only eat ‘rescued’ food for 6 months)
  • The Story of Stuff
  • How This Town Produces No Trash
  • Watch Your Dead Tech Get Demolished at an E-Waste Recycling Plant

You can also download the “Municipal Resource Kit” that will help your municipality plan Waste Reduction Week activities, conduct a waste assessment, and improve waste diversion rates.

Click here to view the videos and resources.

  1. Stay connected with solid waste, recycling, organics and sustainable community news and trends.

Free articles, press releases, analysis, success stories and more that will keep you in the loop:

Do you know about other free resources that municipalities can benefit from? Share it in the comments below!

logo-green.png About Recycle Coach: Recycle Coach specializes in digital solutions for municipal and private waste management services to effectively educate and engage residents. Our technology platforms for web, mobile, and digital assistants focus on education and encouragement to help residents to be better recyclers, with the goal of inspiring positive and lasting change in communities around the world. It is our constant innovation and scalability of services that allow us to meet the needs of over 3000 communities across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more.  

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