Encourage Your Residents To Recycle This Spring By Using Social Media

Posted by Recycle Coach on Thursday, March 8, 2018 12:38 PM

With Spring rapidly approaching, you and your residents may be thinking about getting organized and disposing of unwanted materials. There are two events in March – Organize Your Home Office Day and Global Recycling Day – that we think may get your residents excited about recycling and using the Recycle Coach platform.

For each event, we've provided examples of social media messages that you and your team can use on Facebook and Twitter.

Organize Your Home Office Day (Tuesday, March 13, 2018)

1 in 4 American households have home offices. With our busy lives, these spaces become messy and disorganized quickly. As spring approaches, many residents may be thinking of cleaning up this space and disposing of unwanted materials into waste and recycling.

You can get your residents involved in using Recycle Coach by sending a social media message on Facebook or Twitter. Here are two sample messages you can use:

  • Thinking of cleaning your home office for #OrganizeYourHomeOfficeDay? Remember to use #RecycleCoach to find out what items go into #recycling bins.
  • Is your home office disorganized? Consider cleaning it for #OrganizeYourHomeOfficeDay and use the free #RecycleCoach calendar to find your next scheduled #recycling pickup day.

Global Recycling Day (Sunday, March 18, 2018)

The first annual Global Recycling Day is an initiative of the Bureau of International Recycling. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. Recycling helps combat climate change, boost local employment, and conserve natural resources.

To get your residents excited about this event, you can also send a social media message. Below are two sample messages that you can use:
  • Disposing of waste is everyone's responsibility. Let's join together for #globalrecyclingday. You can take action by using the free #RecycleCoach search tool to find out which items go into the waste or recycling bins.
  • It’s #globalrecyclingday – time to celebrate the power of #recycling in your community. Take action by using your free #RecycleCoach platform to find out which household items need to be recycled.

RC_logo BLUE.png   About Recycle Coach:

Recycle Coach specializes in digital solutions for municipal and private waste management services to effectively educate and engage residents. Our technology platforms for web, mobile, and digital assistants focus on education and encouragement to help residents to be better recyclers, with the goal of inspiring positive and lasting change in communities around the world. 

It is our constant innovation and scalability of services that allow us to meet the needs of over 3,000 communities across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

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