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Posted by Tyler Munro on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 10:49 AM

Everybody’s talking about digital transformation, and rightfully so. Governments everywhere, from the UK to New York City have already formalized their digital transformation plans. Not to be outdone, small towns are also getting in on the fun.

This is all to say that digital transformation is more than a buzzword. It’s happening right now in communities across the planet, changing the way governments operate and deliver services to their residents.

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Thanks to the Amazons and Ubers of the world, people have grown accustomed to self-service and on-demand options. That means your residents don’t just want convenience, they expect it. The numbers prove it. 67% of people prefer self-service options over speaking to a live representative. Additionally, 42% of people use and actively seek on-demand services.

In solid waste, where citizen buy-in can make or break a recycling program, meeting these expectations is absolutely critical. It could be the difference between a community that’s apathetic about recycling and one that’s committed and engaged. Beyond that, transitioning into the digital space can empower solid waste managers to provide a better service at lower costs. It holds the potential to solve some of today’s biggest industry issues, including low participation rates and contamination.

Getting there isn’t exactly easy. For some, digital transformation can be a scary word, but it doesn’t have to be.

Navigating the digital continuum

We like to think of the shift from analog to digital as evolutionary. A digital evolution, if you will, which catalyzes constant improvement in your service-level standards, efficiency, and the quality of your interactions with residents.

Instead of dramatic wholesale changes, which can alienate municipal staff and residents, we help municipalities navigate the digital continuum incrementally, supporting your program and community through a partnership that meets your needs and yields measurable results.  

Getting you there

Chances are, your solid waste program already benefits from digital technology. You probably also rely on traditional media to serve residents who prefer print. We’re not about replacing these efforts—thus our emphasis on incremental change. Instead, we think it’s important to integrate digital in a way that works for you and your residents.

Our approach is simple.

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First, we think it’s important that communities focus on leveraging digital to elevate their outreach capabilities. That means calendars on every device—including a printable version for residents who want something they can hang in the kitchen. Offering self-service and on-demand options with collection reminders residents can get on their phones is also essential. Beyond that, establishing two-way communications with a problem-reporting tool is an effective way of empowering and activating your citizenry. Plus, it helps municipal staff quickly address issues like illegal dumping, bin replacement requests, graffiti, potholes, etc.

Having a notifications system is an effective way for communities to make themselves more responsive during unpredictable times, say an extreme weather event. Our notifications system supports a variety of different communication types, whether it’s an educational message or promotion of a local recycling event.

Lastly, too many residents are confused about what is and isn’t recyclable. Your website might list the items your program accepts, but not all residents visit your website (or know how to navigate it). Having a material search database that’s accessible via web or mobile changes that—plus, it provides you with data that’ll help you fill knowledge gaps in your community.

These tools encapsulate how digital can boost your communications and deliver results that benefit you and your residents. Digital evolution also presents an opportunity to transform how residents recycle. That’s where our educational tools come in.

Our vision for better recycling starts with Campaigns. Campaigns educates residents about local recycling issues and it produces verifiable results. With real-time feedback, it provides governments with proof of knowledge gain that translates into better recycling behavior in real life. Our belief is that digital evolution should culminate in tangible benefits to your program. Campaigns does that.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you manage your digital transformation, get in touch by clicking the button below.

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