Prepping your residents for long weekend collection changes

Posted by Tyler Munro on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 9:31 AM

If you find yourself thinking about work over the holidays, you’re not doing it right.

Unfortunately, for too many frontline staffers in municipal solid waste, this is reality. That’s because holidays mean collection schedule changes in most communities. And when residents aren’t prepared for these changes, they turn to you. Which means, instead of enjoying a carefree long weekend filled with R&R, you’re spending time worrying about whether residents know when to bring their trash out.

As with anything, effective communications are the foundation of good service, and that includes your solid waste program. When residents know when their collection days are, they’re happier with the service you’re delivering, which translates into higher participation rates and better program performance.


The Recycle Coach platform includes communication tools that will boost your outreach capabilities and make it easier to reach more residents. That way, everyone in your community can spend less time worrying about those long-weekend collection changes.

Convenient calendars

Some people in your community can’t access their collection calendars. Others might not even know that they exist. By providing calendars in every format over any device, you can make it easier for residents to stay prepared come pickup day.

Recycle Coach helps you help your residents stay on schedule with calendars for web and mobile. They can even print out a PDF version, if they prefer. And the best part? We provide you with analytics, so that you can see how many residents are downloading and using their calendars.

Automated reminders

Imagine if residents could send themselves automated reminders before pickup day? Well, they can. And with Recycle Coach it’s easy to do. We have a comprehensive reminder system that’s highly customizable. Whether its sending reminders one week or one hour before collections, every time or only when there are holiday changes, our system is highly flexible, and they can be sent out for every collection type, too.

Residents can even choose how they receive their reminders—as push notifications, over email, or through Twitter. The best part? Our system frees up local resources, so you can spend less time answering calls and worrying about those hectic holiday changes.

Residents getting collections reminders and pickup notifications.

Customizable notifications

Recycle Coach lets you send notifications to residents whenever it’s convenient. There are tons of customization settings, too. You can include specific zones in your notification, target single-family or multi-family residences, and select how you’d like it to appear—by email, push notification, automated phone call, text message, twitter, or the news page on your web app. We even compile message templates that you can plug in!

Our multi-channel approach to communications can help you reach more residents with the information they need to stay prepped for holiday changes, which means a happier holiday for everyone.

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